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Instagram made us over $24k in 7 months, back in 2019. 

That was solely from our ‘part-time’ IG Agency.

We did this… 

✅ Without Selling Any Complex Service (Just IG Growth

✅ Without Selling High Ticket Offers ($249-$850 Deals)

(Didn’t know how to sell them back then)

✅ Without having a team. (just me & my biz partner)

Instagram has ALL THE ATTENTION you’d EVER need. 

If you figure out:

  1. What to Sell.
  2. How to Sell.
  3. Whom to Sell. 

… you can literally build an Agency that makes you thousands of dollars every month by offering services that the market needs. 

Here's what we did to reach there.

- Picked a simple service. 

- Built an offer around it. 

- Started doing cold reach outs & made SALES. 

This eBook will help you get a kickstart in building your agency and get your first couple of clients. 

PS: A huge section of this eBook is also about selling Digital Products and how I got started with them. 

2 ratings
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  • A PDF file
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Instagram Profits - Sell Digital Products & Services On Instagram

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